Autumn Pear, Apple and Sultana Flan

My favourite pear, apple and sultana flan. The best time of year is when pears, apples and stone fruit are in season, they are readily available and cheap from local greengrocers and so versatile. You can make this recipe as fancy or as basic as you want by adding different ingredients such as quinces when in season, flaked almonds, fresh figs …

3x ripe pears
2x red delicious apples
1/2 Cup brown sugar
1/4 Cup plain flour

I sheet of short crust pastry
1/4 Cup sultanas


1) slice pears & apples thinly
2) lay pastry over greased flan or small tart tins, trim excess and push into corners
3) combine pears, apples, sultanas, flour and brown sugar together. Toss to combine.
4) layer fruit mix onto pastry, overlapping to create a visual effect.
5) bake for roughly 20-25 minutes on 160 °c or until fruit is soft and pastry is golden brown.
Such an easy and I have had some great compliments from this dessert. Give it a go, let me know how you go by posting a comment on here. Post a pic of it on Instagram and tag me in it (@mr_kyal OR #kyalovoxo
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Enjoy love Kyal x


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